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These international funds are based on regions or groups of countries. Some geographically and others economically. Like single country funds they offer worldwide opportunities but with more diversification. The SPY is included on this page for reference purposes.

Below you will see the Total Return for these funds over the past year. The default order is by Relative Strength but you can sort on any other column by clicking either the Ascending or Descending arrows. (Asc Desc).

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Viewing Friday's Closing data.

popupProShares UltraShort MSCI Emerging MktsEEV97.34-2.41-5.89-13.59-11.9229.2331.01346k
popupProShares UltraShort MSCI EAFEEFU95.07-1.53-5.07-18.93-11.6217.3823.40121k
popupProShares UltraShort MSCI EuropeEPV94.99-1.15-5.05-20.23-12.1620.3522.338m
popupProShares Short MSCI Emerging MktsEUM94.22-1.16-2.43-6.48-5.8115.6116.552m
popupProShares Short MSCI EAFEEFZ91.91-0.80-2.64-9.67-5.469.6411.585m
popupiShares S&P Latin America 40 Index FundILF80.863.328.9423.003.24-1.64-6.9640m
popupSPDR S&P 500SPY70.191.693.3013.028.86-4.95-3.7426b
popupFirst Trust BICK Index FundBICK35.631.412.389.7413.43-9.22-22.6354k
popupiShares MSCI Pacific Ex-Japan Index FundEPP32.890.843.079.433.24-6.83-14.3422m
popupVanguard FTSE Devlpd Mkts ETFVEA30.020.832.9211.024.62-10.93-13.92600m
popupBLDRS Emerging Markets 50 ADR Index FundADRE29.121.343.108.4412.22-14.35-21.20163k
popupVanguard FTSE All-World ex-US ETFVEU29.040.842.879.494.75-11.91-14.02165m
popupVanguard Emerging Markets VIPERsVWO25.441.052.806.435.87-14.71-14.92501m
popupInvesco FTSE RAFI Dvlp Mkts exUS Sm/MidPDN25.050.543.5912.125.33-11.28-16.712m
popupFirst Trust ISE Chindia Index FundFNI24.070.631.592.4218.82-15.08-26.52816k
popupSPDR S&P Emerging Asia Pacific ETFGMF23.850.661.823.756.63-14.97-15.871m
popupVanguard MSCI EuropeVGK22.610.592.6411.394.49-13.28-16.20268m
popupSchwab Emerging Markets Equity ETFSCHE20.730.942.666.385.39-14.78-16.9151m
popupInvesco FTSE RAFI Emerging Markets PortfoPXH19.441.313.518.033.56-18.47-14.8910m
popupSPDR MSCI ACWI ex-US ETFCWI18.420.852.759.352.75-13.84-16.8810m
popupiShares MSCI EAFE Index FundEFA17.170.772.6910.462.42-13.12-17.511b
popupiShares S&P Europe 350 Index FundIEV15.590.552.4811.181.81-14.78-17.6717m
popupiShares JPMorgan USD Emerging Markets Bond FuEMB15.250.761.9210.120.80-12.11-19.05563m
popupSPDR DJ EURO STOXX 50FEZ15.201.002.5513.884.92-16.42-19.2988m
popupiShares MSCI Emerging Index FundEEM13.621.062.476.824.19-17.02-20.841b
popupiShares MSCI BRIC Index FundBKF9.940.952.202.987.73-20.32-27.12209k
popupiShares MSCI EMU Index FundEZU8.950.832.5713.361.85-18.60-23.41100m
popupiShares S&P Asia 50 Index FundAIA7.240.840.941.942.09-22.05-27.226m
popupProsShares Ultra MSCI EAFEEFO6.380.435.2422.597.23-24.69-30.8454k
popupProShares Ultra MSCI Emerging MktsEET3.680.154.5112.337.01-33.76-38.91151k
popupProShares Ultra MSCI EuropeUPV3.040.000.0017.01-1.17-34.16-38.0649k
31 symbols listed

The dynamics of Relative Strength are illustraded below for the past quarter. From this you can visualize which funds are improving on a relative basis and which are deteriorating.

5-day Intervals 21-day Intervals
Viewing Friday's Closing data.

Symbol 08/1208/0507/2907/2207/1507/0806/3006/2306/1506/0806/0105/2405/17
EEV 97.399.298.699.499.598.498.298.396.395.396.397.597.7
EFU 95.198.697.699.099.198.898.498.697.094.493.594.895.9
EPV 95.098.597.699.099.398.998.398.296.692.893.093.995.5
EUM 94.297.697.198.097.796.296.295.994.293.193.995.094.9
EFZ 91.996.995.797.497.296.496.296.094.591.490.791.893.0
ILF 80.943.529.014.217.631.535.730.769.586.890.991.086.7
BICK 35.631.317.015.617.931.722.720.024.521.820.218.016.1
EPP 32.928.729.726.432.
ADRE 29.125.722.520.019.639.433.728.843.436.418.513.513.0
VEU 29.027.830.131.031.536.041.637.339.442.539.636.231.8
VWO 25.425.524.829.431.
FNI 24.122.724.633.029.758.148.241.923.522.
GMF 23.928.026.135.936.249.855.547.146.533.220.817.018.5
VGK 22.622.626.524.024.926.
SCHE 20.722.021.326.628.040.847.942.645.830.922.519.618.7
PXH 19.419.718.521.123.336.348.043.552.540.534.728.823.6
CWI 18.419.422.622.624.028.233.629.329.632.430.232.729.0
IEV 15.616.520.719.121.120.327.926.825.746.743.942.533.0
EMB 15.220.917.825.123.121.928.933.027.116.922.526.319.4
FEZ 15.217.919.817.018.317.923.426.222.231.630.724.919.7
EEM 13.614.415.018.418.928.032.127.629.322.519.816.616.0
BKF 9.911.513.418.218.434.440.229.631.117.311.58.98.7
EZU 9.010.613.112.013.613.017.818.216.727.427.723.718.3

Symbols can be added or removed by changing the list below. Symbols should be separated by a space character. A maximum of 100 symbols can be included. If more than 100 are included then the list will be truncated. Click the Update button to refresh the page.

Any symbols marked with * are not shown in the data tables because they are either filtered out
by the above settings, not valid symbols, or are low volume ETF's not updated intra-day.

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