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Interactive Charting FAQ

Advanced tools are great when they work like we think they should - but at times they don't. Here are some of the frequent questions (and answers) related to our Interactive Charting application.

Why does it not work for me?

Our Interactive Charting application is built on the HTML5 framework, and requires a browser capable of supporting the HTML5 canvas. All modern browsers, including Internet Explorer version 9, support this feature. Most problems involve older versions of Microsoft's Internet Explorer, those prior to version 9. If you are having troubles you have several options to consider:
(1) Upgrade to the latest version of IE. This is usually a free upgrade.
(2) If you must use IE-8 or previous, you might consider the Chrome Frame add-on by Google. This has been tested successfully and might be an option for you.
(3) Consider an alternative browser like Firefox, Chrome, or Safari.

We hope you can find one of these options satisfactory because HTML5 offers many benefits and is becoming more prevalent across the web. We highly recommend it.

What are the capabilities?

Our Interactive Chart allows you to highlight bars and see the actual OHLC data for the highlighted bar. You can click on a bar and it will remain highlighted until you click elsewhere on the chart area. Below the chart you can select the number of bars to show, and you can scroll backward and forward through time using the slider. This foundation allows for numerous added capabilites in the future.

How do I shift back to the static charts?

It's easy to switch back and forth between chart types. You just click the View Static Chart link above the right corner of the chart. Once you select a chart type that will remain your default for the remainder of your visit to the site, but it is easy to switch back and forth.

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